Top Ten Cougar Women Dating Tips

The world of dating can be a complete mystery or it can be a wonderful adventure in making new friends and learning about other people. Whether a blind date, a date with someone you already know, or a date with someone from a dating website, following these tips for dating an older woman can make your dates go smoother from the first date to where ever you want your dating experience to take you.

1. Like any woman, the older woman likes to be appreciated for both her looks and her intelligence. Compliment her honestly to make her feel pretty, sexy, and smart.

2. Treat her age as a number; she already knows that she is older than you, so do not end your compliments or sentences with phases that point out her age every other breath. Relax and let your conversation happen normally.

3. Just because you are dating an older woman do not automatically assume that she is a cougar. She may be out for just a good time or she may be looking for a serious relationship which could lead to marriage. Ask what she wants out of your relationship and if you are looking for the same, carry on, but if not, be honest.

4. Honesty keeps coming up in these tips, and a mature woman will be looking for a date that is able to communicate openly, on her level (ie: not giggly or constantly joking), and is honest with himself as well as her.

5. Some men make the mistake of assuming that an older woman is always serious and intellectual. They seem to forget that older women like to have fun by joking around, hitting a club, or even heading out on a date to an amusement park or other such frivolity. There is room for fun and serious activities in everyones life.

6. Just be yourself around any woman, regardless of age. That being said, an older woman is more experienced and more confident and she knows that you are younger. Most likely she will have more money, have nicer things, and a better job than you. This is simply a function of having been working longer, and dont let it intimidate you.

7. Be sensitive. An older woman may be more fragile than she appears. She has at least dated before meeting you and may have been married before. Those relationships ended for a reason, and may have ended badly. When joking around know that it can be fun, but also watch for signals to stop. Constant joking and picking on her may bring up bad memories and pain.

8. A man can have children at any age, but a woman has her limits. If you are looking to seriously date an older woman, you may have to face the reality that you will not be able to have children or that she already has children and does not want to experience pregnancy and start rearing children again.

9. You may not be in charge in or out of the bedroom. Older women tend to be more experienced in relationships, whether sexually or not. Be prepared for her to take the drivers seat and tell you what she likes and how she likes it. If you need to be in control at all times, you are in for a hard time, but if you learn to let go, the reduced pressure of the relationship just might agree with you both.

10. When dating an older woman it is important to remember that her friends are going to be her age. They may not look favorably upon the older woman/younger man dynamic. When out with her friends, it is important that you show them your best side. They will accept you as a couple if you show them that you put her needs on your list of important things in your life. So be the sensitive, giving man you know you can be.

Of course these tips are just general rules and cannot guarantee that your relationships will always be successful. But following these can give you a good foundation to head out there and put your best foot forward.


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A cougar is an older woman that is sophisticated, knowledgeable, more experienced and typically dates younger guys for a fun time. Learn to date a cougar with caution and hesitancy withtips from the author of a book on dating in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has a Ph.D and did graduate work in behavior psychology.

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